Below is a list of internationally recognized medicinal herbs with links for purchase. Disclaimer: Zen’s Medicine offers short summarized information regarding each herb. For more information read Terms.

Annise Seed- supportive of the liver and hydrate the skin, useful for diarrhea and fever

Ashwagandha Root- anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, calming effects, mood stabilizer, adaptogen 

Astragalus Root- immune system booster, cardiovascular, anti-aging, adaptogen 

Burdock Root- detoxification, deep blood purifier

Cat Nip- known to relieve stress and stimulate the appetite

Cinnamon- blood sugar control, anti-spasmodic

Celery Seed- known to alleviate symptoms of arthritis and gout

Chamomile Flower- relaxing properties, sleepy time herbal tea

Chaga Mushrooms- immune modulator, adaptogen, integrated with cancer treatment

Cleavers- cleanse for kidneys & urinary system, used for cystitis and water retention

Dandelion Root- detoxification, liver

Echinacea Herb- strong natural immune system boost

Eleuthero Root (GINSENG)– energy and concentration, no caffeine, Chinese Medicine

Elder Berry- protection against bacterial infection & control of diabetes

Elder Flower- combats free radicals, inflammation & relieves coughs and congestion

Eucalyptus- works as a decongestant, mild antiseptic

Euphrasia (Eyebright) Powder- helps with allergies, itchy and/or watery eyes

Fenugreek Seed- woman have used this to produce more breast milk, assists mucous glands to stop or create more mucous, acts as an insulin

Ginger Root- soothing agent for digestive discomfort & digestion

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf- circulation in the brain, memory improvement

Gout Kola Herb- varicose veins (may strengthen veins), chronic venous insufficiency, energy, and mental clarity

Grindelia Leaf- lymphatic system support and helps with a bacterial and viral infection

Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf- known as a sugar destroyer

Hibiscus- helps regulate blood pressure

Holy Basil Leaf- antibacterial, settle stomach, adaptogen aka Tulsi leaf 

Honey Bush- high antioxidants, longevity, South African Tea

Horny Goat Weed- libido booster, energy

Hyssop Leaf- respiratory support of coughs, sore throat, and asthma

Kava Kava Root- anxiety, insomnia

Lavender Flowers Superb- relaxation, flower aroma

Lemon Balm- known to ease stress and anxiety, naturally contains rosmarinic acid

Lemon Peel- healing properties for skin through vitamin support 

Licorice Root- used to soothe gastrointestinal problems

Maca Root – natural aphrodisiac, fertility support, sexual health

Marshmallow Root- used to treat stomach ulcers & swelling of the stomach lining

Milk Thistle Leaf- detoxification liver

Mullein Leaf- anti-inflammatory of respiratory, and flu-like symptoms

Moringa Leaf- anti-aging, numerous rejuvenating properties

Nettle Leaf- beneficial for prostate, anti-inflammatory, gout, arthritis

Olive Leaf- anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antioxidants, regulate blood pressure

Orange Peel – healing properties for skin through vitamin support

Passion Flower Herb– numerous healing properties and health support 

Red Clover Blossom- blood cleanser, used for menopausal symptoms 

Rhodiola Root- combats fatigue, neurological support, protection & mental health

Rooibos South African Red Bush- helps promote balanced inflammation, arthritis, contains iron, zinc, calcium, manganese, and magnesium

Rose Flowers- floral, relaxing, used for multiple blends, skin cares, and drinks

Rose Hips- used to help reduce pain, stiffness & inflammation

Schisandra Berries- anti-anxiety properties, used to combat fatigue

Solidago (Goldenrod)- natural diuretic to increase urine flow & support muscle spasms

Spearmint- antibacterial, used to settle the stomach

Stevia- no-calorie sweetener, sugar replacement & diabetic friendly

St. John’s Wort- mental clarity, brain-friendly & balances depressive thoughts

Thyme- used for diarrhea & stomach ache

Tumeric- spice, known for anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, stomach pain

Valerian Root- anxiety, insomnia

Uva Ursi- supports urinary tract system & aids in digestion 

Yerba Mate- workout energy, filled with vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants

Yerba Santa- respiratory herb used for tuberculosis, asthma & chronic bronchitis