Doctor Collaboration

According to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, CAM can be defined as a group of medical, health care, and healing systems other than those included in mainstream health care in the United States; Teas and Herbs fall into this CAM industry. Since legislation passed the National Health Care Act the demand for CAM has only increased and as a result numerous doctors have collaborated with companies like Zen’s Tea House, in order to better serve their patients.

We have a team of trained herbal specialist, who specializes in herbal medicine and holistic healing, that maintain and manage the Zen’s Tea House operation. None of the trained staff are permitted to diagnose, treat, or offer any medical advice. Legally we cannot make any health claims or state that ‘Green Tea is healthy.’ But we can offer free literature on diet, health & point people to ethically sound, licensed medical physicians who can offer medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. The Medical physicians presented are NOT affiliated with Zen’s Tea House; the list of Doctors Zen’s Tea House maintains are an option for the public. Founder of Zen’s Tea House, Fernando Lopez, does have a Holistic Medical Advisory board that assists him and his corporate operation and maintains ethical and medically sound oversight.

The rise in insurance policies and healthcare awareness has sent consumers looking for more complimentary and preventative measures of healthcare. Nutraceuticals are among the most simple and cost effective ways to take care of one’s health.