More people are looking towards self-employment and Zen’s Tea House is here to help you build, launch, manage and fulfill customers’ orders.

For years Zen’s has offered private labeling, drop shipping, customized blends, & a network of resources. If you desire to start your own business contact Zen’s Tea House staff and let us know.

We have gone to the tea gardens, we know where to source, who you can trust, and how to avoid costly mistakes. Zen’s has generated millions in tea sales and we understand industry insight, E-commerce challenges, online advertising, SEO ranking, and the art of generating repeated sales from loyal customers. From creating a logo to printing labels, manufacturing ready-to-ship products, to ultimately building a profitable, well-established brand, the owners of Zen’s Tea House can help you. Our goal is to help you build a profitable tea business and our hope is that you will not only enjoy the service we provide but that you will purchase wholesale from us. If you want to get started Email

Since 2012 we have been in the tea industry and we want to see you succeed.