Helping people through the power of tea

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The staff of Zen’s Tea House is a team of progressive, holistic activists who are reinventing how corporate does business. Their current focus is complimentary and alternative health care through organic botanical medicine. The mission of Zen’s Tea House is “Helping people through the power of Tea” and does so through a grass roots nutraceutical corporation that is transforming the way people look at tea – www.zenstea.com

Zen’s Tea House

Zen’s Tea House, founded in 2012, is a Southern California based manufacturing-retailer that specializes in loose leaf botanical nutraceuticals. Zen’s Tea House maintains a wide assortment of teas and herbs available for public consumption.

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Doctor Collaboration

A team of trained herbal specialists, who specialize in herbal medicine and holistic healing, maintain and manage the Zen’s Tea House operation. They create proprietary blends for doctors and their patients, helping to make holistic medicine more readily available.

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