ABOUT Zen’s Tea House, founded in 2012, is a Southern California based manufacturing-retailer that specializes in Loose Leaf Botanical Nutraceuticals. Zen's Tea House works with licensed nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, and holistic medical practitioners creating beneficial herbal remedies. Many people use these blends as an organic alternative. The rising demand for these Nutraceuticals has created a growth in multi-channel retail outlets, establishing Zen's Tea House as a leading tea and herb retailer in Southern California. Zen's Tea House creates proprietary blends for Doctors and their patients while maintaining a wide assortment of Teas and Herbs available for public consumption. Zen’s Tea House primarily operates in Farmers Markets and Private Events. Zen’s Tea House Founder, Fernando Lopez, is well respected in the holistic nutraceutical industry and is the primary developer of the company’s proprietary blends of teas and herbs


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