Posted By fernando | 25 Jun 2018

Zen’s Tea Interview with Osteopathic Doctor, Jorge L. Moreno

Between 1995 and 1998, Dr. Moreno completed a family practice residency at Downey Community Hospital, where he was promoted to chief resident in his final year. After that, he worked at Kaiser for a short time, and then joined the practice of a fellow osteopath in Santa Monica, California where he spent 10 years. As time went on, a desire grew within Dr. Moreno to work in a larger office with more space to accommodate additional holistic treatments and supplements; enable partnerships with outside specialists; and to serve his home community Greater Los Angeles area. In 2011, these desires led him to open the doors of his own osteopathic practice, Center for Wellness, in Montebello, CA. In addition to his expertise in osteopathic medicine, Dr. Moreno’s passion for knowledge and desire to help patients overcome a wide variety of health challenges has prompted him to explore a number of alternative healing concepts including: the effectiveness of essential oils, homeopathic products, homotoxicology, nutrition, bio-oxidative therapy, vitamin c therapy and more. He has a number of certifications including: Ozone Therapy Prolotherapy Chelation Therapy Laser Energetic Detoxification Reflex Integration Biopuncture and Quantum Reflex Testing The most unique thing about Dr. Moreno is that in addition to all of his knowledge, education and expertise; he has an innate gift of listening. Osteopathic medicine has a distinct advantage of evaluating, “hands-on”, a patient’s body in order to determine where a given problem may be rooted. He explains, “As human beings, parents, or physicians, many people develop a kind of intuition. As osteopaths, we are trained to expand our sense. I had an amazing residency teacher who encouraged me to go into patient rooms and develop my observational abilities. He encouraged me to not only listen to what they said; but to be present, take in the details, sights, sounds and smells.” This unique ability is what sets him apart from many other physicians…whether you prefer to call it intuition or prophetic – he certainly has a special gift of listening to the frequencies of the body to uncover the root of an issue.

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